Susan Ramsey P.T.

Pelvic Floor Rehab Specialist

​A Few Words About Me

Hi, my name is Susan Ramsey.

My patients call me " The Sex, Pee and Poop Lady" and frankly it is the best title I have ever held. I have spent the last 16 years of my 35 year career as a physical therapist advocating for patients with pelvic floor issues. I started the first physical therapy private practice in Maine devoted soley to pelvic floor rehab, and with my talented team created the first comprehensive women's, men's and children's pelvic floor rehab program in the state. We started the first PIlates Rehab program in Maine so that our patients would be able to use a whole body approach in  their healing process. Our team of 16 pelvic floor physical therapists, PTA's and ATC's created a lasting legacy of healing and hope with our patients and our community.  Our consistently high clinical results allowed us to gain the trust from over 300 physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and nurses from all over New England.  

Examples of Services I offer:

Presentations to la​ ​rge or small groups,   Offered for both health care professionals and the community at large on all issues related to pelvic floor rehab and pelvic floor health and wellness

Professional Consultation and Program Development.    I can help hospitals, out patient centers and medical facilities begin a comprehensive pelvic floor rehab program. I can train your current staff on the principles of pelvic floor rehab, and I can also help new pelvic floor rehab programs grow and thrive in your community.

Workshops and Classes for health care professionals and the  public from in every age and stage on pelvic floor health and wellness, and every topic imagineable related to sexual, bladder, bowel and core health.

Patient Consulation

Sex, pee and poop. When we are having difficulty in any of these areas, the quality of our lives is greatly impacted. We lose some of our dignity. We feel off balance, embarrassed and ashamed. We have a hard time talking about what is going on with us.  Our world becomes smaller. We stop doing what we love. We suffer through sex, limit where we travel based on where the bathrooms are, put "depends" pads in our grocery carts and hope no one we know is looking, and gut it out at work until we get home.

I understand pelvic floor issues.

​I offer phone/Facetime/Skype consultations for many reasons, such as to determine if pelvic floor rehab may help your current health issue, or to offer other options if you are not progressing with your current pelvic health program.

I am also treating a limited number of private clients at my home office in Buxton Maine and at another office in Scarborough Maine.